Hand Forged Egg Spoon

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This is my version of an egg spoon and is forged completely by me.
In my area of Berks County, Pa, the early Pennsylvania German blacksmiths added decorations to their work so it wasn’t so plain. Even though their work was functional, they were still able to show some artistic abilities through their hand wrought ironwork. Being inspired by those earlier smiths, I’ve added a rattail at the end of the handle which is convenient for hanging from a nail by the fireplace. I also added a heart just above the spoon.

The egg spoons are approx. 29” long which helps to keep your hands away from the heat of the fire. The spoon is approx. 4.5” wide.


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Check out this great video by Incognito Kitchen using one of our egg spoons.

Using and Caring for Your Egg Spoon


Cooking over hot coals not only connects us to our past, we benefit from preparing raw ingredients and not purchasing quick, processed food. The time spent sitting by the fire is also a great way to connect with family or friends.
You can use the spoon in a fireplace or campfire, but only over hot coals. Remember to never cook with open flame, which is too hot and will burn your food. A gas stove burner in the kitchen could be used because the flame is controllable for heat.

  • Heat up the spoon, add some oil and seasonings of your choice, and crack in an egg.
  • Then cook the egg to your liking.
  • Serve and enjoy.

Use hot water for cleaning and dry immediately.

Apply a light coating of mineral oil to prevent rust.
Mineral oil won’t turn rancid like other oils.

Over time, the handle of the egg spoon will season to a darker color when the oils from your hands react with the steel.
This is a good thing.

This forged item, made in the USA, will provide many years of use and be handed down to future generations.