Allen spent his youth in the outdoors, fishing and hunting on Texter Mountain in western Berks County, Pennsylvania.

That area is rich in history and has provided him with an appreciation for how things were done in the past.

He grew up in a stone home that served as living quarters for a worker and his family of the old Robesonia Furnace. Today, he lives next to his boyhood home and has been hammering hot steel since the mid-nineties.

His mom also grew up in that same house. As a young girl she owned a horse named Bucky. He was kept in a stable that her father built out of wood from a boxcar. The building was still standing many years later and with a few upgrades and improvements, it now serves as a quaint, rustic smithy.

A traditional coal forge was added by Allen and his father and is built from local field stone. In addition to coal, he also uses a propane gas forge and a vintage 1910-era Little Giant power hammer to assist in forging his creations.

He is a juried member of the Reading - Berks Guild of Craftsmen and also a member of PABA (Pennsylvania Artist-Blacksmith Association).

While trying to better himself by exploring the art and mystery of blacksmithing, Allen is learning not only the old ways of this historical trade but also new and modern techniques while always expanding his skills.